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    Biplob Saha’s work is vivacious and distinguishable. His collections over the years showcase his love for our cultural heritage that is beautifully interlaced in our lifestyles. He is uniquely gifted and delivers design presentation in an uncanny burst of festivities that epitomizes the jubilant layers of our celebration. Since his inception in the deign industry 20 years ago he has taken it upon himself to present the drama that emerges through his every collection in patterns of story that is beautiful in a visually graphic statement...more

  • Our Course:

    Our Course:
    01.Basics of Modeling
    02. Ramp & Cat walk
    03. Green room & back stage management
    04. Portfolio Poses
    05. Grooming & Body Language
    06. Modeling Agency Management
    07. Casting Couch Culture 08. Middleman Threat
    09. Hair & Skin Care
    10. Fitness & Diet
    11. Positive Mental Attitude
    12. Basic Acting Classes...more


    TRESemme Fashion Design Council Bangladesh (FDCB) Presents Khadi the future fabric show Exhibition. The exhibition will be held on 12th and 13th of December 2016, from 11am to 8pm at Gardenia Grand Hall in Gulshan. The exhibition component would highlight the diversity of Khadi weaves and textures through a display of fabrics and garments. It would also consist of photographs and the process in use today and information panels outlining the history of khadi...more

  • International Val

    International Weavers Festival, 2016 will be the first of its kind ever organized in the world to celebrate, showcase and promote the distinguished weaving arts of the different regions of the country. Along with that, the Festival would showcase the weaving heritage of the different countries like India, Sri Lanka, Nepal and others. Through combining a couple of distinct initiatives and cultural events, this Three (3) Days Festival aims at manifesting the flagship craftsmanship and traditional weaving arts of Bangladesh, the latent entrepreneurial spirit of the grassroots women.